Gift giving etiquette in businesses

During a certain period of time in every year, business owners send out gifts to their employees, customers, managers and so on. It is a very important aspect of marketing mix in a corporation and it needs to be handled perfectly. There are many laws and limits for different companies and institutes, so before corporate branded gifts giving you need to carefully read those rules and terms. In some corporations it is forbidden to give gifts and in the others there are many limitations. It is very important that you consider the timing when you give gifts. You do not want your gift to be inappropriate or offend someone. There are ways to select the right gift that are appreciated and helps you maintain a better relationship.

How to select the right gift
  • Make sure to know the corporate policies: this is the first thing you need to do to make a good decision. There are policies in most companies limiting the dollar value of corporate branded gifts.
  • Consider people’s interests: if you are giving gifts to your employees or clients it is important that you consider what they are interested in. but you shouldn't make it too personal as it will become offensive. For example: If they are writers, a nice journal would be appropriate and appropriate.
  • Consider the costs: you must remember that you have a goal giving out gifts and must not forget that while selecting the right gift. Your goal is to make those people think about your brand and show them your gratitude. Always consider the costs as you don’t want it to damage your company.

When you select the right gift you need to make sure about the presentation as well. You can also write a handwritten card to show your appreciation and say a couple of word to them. And finally you need to be careful about the placement of your logo on the gift. It is important that people see your logo on the gift but if you make the promotion too obvious the gift loses value as it is more of an advertisement than a gift of appreciation.

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